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And That’s How Summer Passed: a ten x rose fanmix inspired by october days reminiscing about summertime (streaming link here

I Forget Where We Were - Ben Howard // Lovers in Japan - Coldplay // Daydreams - Adele // Wasted Time - Vance Joy // Passenger Seat - Death Cab for Cutie // Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles // Angels - The xx // Tell Her You Love Her - Echosmith // Fresh Feeling - Eels // King and Lionheart - Of Monsters and Men // Chances - Athlete // Babylon - David Gray // You Silly Git - Dan Mangan // Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol // Run - Daughter // Somewhere Only We Know - Keane // Runaway - The National

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15/?    David Tennant
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Inspired by Closed by WhoinWhoville

Apparently when I take a break from drawing, I just draw other things.

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when people assume I care about their approval of me


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DI Alec Hardy & Rose for Whoinwhoville's fic, Closed

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It’s the oldest story in the universe.

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With all the Gracepoint + Broadchurch stuff going around I thought I would make something to help differentiate between the two (click for larger versions)

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David being filmed in The Globe Theater while filming TSC

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Blackpool - DI Peter Carlisle

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Wisconsin White Deer Surprised by his own Antlers Shedding


aw hell no

Deer, although graceful and lovely, are fucking morons.

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Don't you dare talk to me about waiting outside a box, because that is nothing, Rory, NOTHING, compared to giving you up. 

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Fifty Shades of TARDIS Blue


Summary: Sex on the TARDIS. That is all.

A/N: Written for yearn4themoon. I promised her smut for having suffered through reading a certain story. Which I’m sure you can tell what that is. ;) Beta’d by almondina who helped make this sooooo much better than what I had originally written.

Warnings: This is nothing but smut, with some light BDSM.

Or Read Here: Teaspoon or Ao3

Rose wasn’t sure exactly what had triggered his reaction.

It could have been the yellow sundress she was wearing. Sitting on the jump seat, it rode up to just above her knees, exposing her toned calf muscles and teasing at what could be found just a bit higher. The neckline revealed a tantalizing amount of cleavage, just enough to grab his attention and derail his normally impenetrable train of thought.

It could have been the new shift in their relationship. The dance they had been doing around each other had become too complicated, both parties faltering and forgetting their steps until they had tripped, tangling together so tightly that they were no longer sure where one ended and the other began. It had only been a week, and they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.

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