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a Ten x Rose Doomsday mix 

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Are you making conversation?

I thought that I would give it a try.

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This post is just a little something I put together to help you guys with Photoshop. This contains tutorials to help people just beginning with Photoshop, however if you don’t know the tutorials above then this should help you too. If you learn anything from this than my work paid off! If you want more of these make sure to follow me, as I’m going to post more to ensure 2014 is a quality Photoshop year! -  Samuel.

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capaldisbluetardis replied to your post“capaldisbluetardis replied to your post“Rules: Just insert your…”
It’s stuck in my head, of course.
I have it on my iTunes so when I shuffle sometimes it comes on and I just die because I always forget I still have it on there
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And I actually went and listened to the song.
And isn’t your life much richer for it
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Rules: Just insert your answers to the questions below. Tag at least 10 followers.

I was tagged by: theonewhostolethesky

Name: Natalie

Nickname: Nat, Foxy

Birthday: Dec

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 5’5

Time zone: PST

What time and date is it there: 09/14/2014 12:43am

Average hours of sleep I get each night: 6-7 probably

The last thing I Googled was: Republic of Doyle

My most used phrase(s): RIGHT, balls, i can’t even, idk

First word that comes to mind: cheese

What I last said to a family member: for waffles?

One place that makes me happy & why: the lake because it’s peaceful

Favorite beverage(s): coffee, wine, tea

The last movie I watched in the movie theater: I don’t even remember

I can’t live without: my phone, coffee, family, hugs

Something I plan on learning: how to actually use photoshop properly and maybe how to be genuinely self confident 

You all have to listen to this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhoBvR1e7tA 

just do it please

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chocolatequeennk replied to your post“I was tagged by chocolatequeennk =) 1. Did you and your family take…”
I would love to visit the Maritimes. PEI is of course a necessary trip for any Anne girl, and I have a friend who lives in Halifax and posts great pictures.
We went to PEI when I was younger and saw a production of it and went to the touristy AoGG places.  I love the red dirt, and the colourful buildings in St. John’s are so cool.
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The only reason the Doctor has never been defeated is because it’s impossible for mimes to do karaoke

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I was tagged by chocolatequeennk =)

1. Did you and your family take vacations when you were young? If so, what was your favourite?

Yes, we would take one probably once every year, sometimes every 2 or 3.  Jamaica was probably my fav even though I was quite young. The beaches were gorgeous and I saw a giant turtle in the water when we were parasailing. 

2. Road trips: yes or no?

Yes (if I’m driving)

3. Do you like to fly? Share a funny/scary story from flying, if you’ve flown.

Nope. I hate it. Funny story not from me but my sisters randomly were on the same flight as Willie Nelson and got a cool photo with him

4. Have you ever been on a train?

Other than the skytrain, nope

5. Of all the places you’ve traveled, what’s your favourite? Why?

It was a while ago but I remember really enjoying the Maritimes.  Just go google pictures of it right now (landscape, architecture, etc.) and you’ll see why

6. Have you been anyplace you absolutely would not recommend? (Can be a country, city, restaurant, hotel, attraction—anything you think others should avoid at all costs.)

Not that I can think of offhand tbh. I remember having a scarring experience at a Bubba Gump’s in Hawaii though.  Some little girl barfed everywhere.  Needless to say I’ve never been in one since.

7. Name one city on your bucket list.

New York

8. Name one attraction you’d love to see, either in that city or somewhere else.

I need to go visit the house they used at Pemberley in the best and only real version of Pride and Prejudice (BBC)

8. When you travel, do you prefer to go as basic as possible, sleeping in budget hotels, eating cheap food, etc, or do you like to travel in style?

I like my travelling experiences to be enjoyable so I stay at trusted hotels and restaurants and splurge on occasion

9. Have you ever traveled internationally? (Probably only relevant to any Americans I tag. As a reminder to non-Americans, we can actually do A LOT of traveling without ever leaving our country. Not having a passport doesn’t mean we never leave home or experience different cultures.)


10. Share one cultural difference you’ve experienced in your travels.

uhmmmm, i guess general mannerisms of Canadians vs Americans (holding the door open, please and thank you, refusing Canadian pennies or any coins while coming to Canada and expecting everywhere to just take American money…etc…)

11. Have you ever visited someplace and though, “I could live here.” 

When I went to Victoria I fell in love a bit. I would totally move there.

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The Ood are born with a secondary brain. Like the amygdala in humans
 it processes memory and emotions. You get rid of that, you wouldn’t be Donna any more. You’d be like an Ood, a processed Ood.

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Redirect your old tumblr links to your new tumblr url


I just did this for myself, and a quick Google search told me that apparently no one knows how to do this properly :P so maybe this will help someone. It’s possible to redirect all your links from your old tumblr link to your new tumblr link (assuming you saved your old URL). This isn’t just redirecting to your new tumblr’s homepage.

This is like if you were linked to:

and the URL automatically changes to:

(try it!) If you’ve ever tried to find a post off someone’s old url, you know how annoying it can be to track down the post in the new url.

How to use: Just add this script either before your end body tag (</body>) or in the head section (<head></head>) of the tumblr where you saved your old URL. Change oddhour.tumblr.com to whatever your new URL is.

  //redirect to new blog
  var path = window.location.pathname;
  window.location.replace('http://oddhour.tumblr.com' + path);
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The Hero's Heart; A Dr.Who mix of songs from the show, audios & cast.


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like the sun and the moon I will circle you 'til you bloom
I will crush our love let it burn until I get to you

Folds In Your Hands lyrics requested by hardythehermitcrab

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