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Heyo so I’m going on a hiatus, probably for a while, well actually technically I’ve been on hiatus because I’m a dork and queued this post (surprise!).  No worries, everything in life is fine, just busy.  Queue is limited but running and here are some fab blogs you should probs go follow and also check out my blogroll for more =)















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Hugh Jackman riding a scooter. That is all.

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Christopher Eccleston on being the Ninth Doctor

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     ”His arms are covered in sharpie marks. One night he decides to count them. He hits 50 before he stops. He doesn’t want to know anymore…every day Rose Tyler doesn’t know him, and every day he tries and every day he fails…

     They’re facing each other on her bed. He’s trying to memorize this moment in case it never happens again…”Are you going to regret this in the morning?” she whispers. He thinks he already does…He wakes up to his alarm. In his own bed, in his pajamas, in the past. He isn’t surprised…

     Twice he’s gotten almost to the airport. Three times he’s been slapped by donna. Once he’s made Martha cry. Once he was so rude to Rose she didn’t come in the next day, but he woke up on January first before he could find out if he’d driven her off for good…

     The fire alarm sounds. He grabs her hand without stopping to think about it as customers file out of the shop and begins to pull her toward the exit.

  “Run.” weezly14A Place Where We Only Say GoodbyeChapter 9. Time Loop AU. 2013.

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#and then she spent the next 7 years returning the favour

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And i suppose, if it’s my last chance to say it.

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In which Rose is a realistic companion/character

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favorite david tennant photos: 3/∞

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favorite david tennant photos: 5/∞

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Favorite quotes of Peter Capaldi
→dedicated to my dearest Capaldian friend wonkyjabberwoky

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After uploading Eleven’s Regeneration without music I decided why not upload Ten’s as well. Ten’s regeneration was accompanied by the fantastic ‘Vale Decem’ written by Murray Gold, but the Doctor wouldn’t have heard it. So here’s his regeneration scene without music.

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Tall Skinny Scottish 1/?

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